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Why Do Your Own Semen Analysis?

Well the labs said NONE SEEN... my home tests with a microscope said there 'WAS' sperm... And now we are pregnant!


I couldn't believe how easy it was to do the analysis! I was a poor science student, but this was not difficult.

John L.

Father & daughter

Doing your own semen analysis is not difficult. You do not need an advanced degree to do it. It's actually pretty easy. The hard part is getting all the equipment together. We've done that for you. Our kits include everything you need to do high quality semen analysis at home. Each kit includes detailed instructions so you can be confident about your ability to do semen analysis at home. It's fun and exciting to see the sperm moving: see for yourself.


Perform the analysis in the privacy and comfort of your home, on your own schedule. No racing to the clinic with a fresh sample. Many men are uncomfortable taking their sample to the clinic. It seems there are always people around and it's always a young woman behind the counter. We can help to minimize the embarrassment.

Adequate Analysis Frequency

Male fertility often fluctuates a great deal from week to week. You should not give up if one or two semen analyses show low counts or poor motility.
Sperm Life Cycle – The sperm life cycle is 74 to 76 days. This means that male fertility changes slowly. The effects of changes you make today do not show up for almost three months. After a vasectomy reversal it takes awhile for the reversal to "kick in." Many couples want to know more than what "professional" semen analysis tells them every three months.

Sperm count fluctuates, biweekly sperm counts for healthy man over two years
WHO laboratory manual for the examination of human semen and sperm-cervical mucus interaction, Fourth Edition

Sperm counts vary over time– Sperm counts and motility can vary a great deal from one week to the next. The chart at right shows sperm counts for one man taken every two weeks over two years. As you can see his sperm counts varied widely.

The dashed line represents twenty (20) million sperm per milliliter. This is often cited as the cutoff level for normal fertility. If he had only one or two semen analysis at any of several low points he would have believed that he was infertile. In fact, on average, his sperm counts are quite good. Many things can affect a man's fertility.

Motility varies over time – If a man has a fever or sits in a hot tub his sperm counts may not change much but his motility can go to zero for the two or three months it takes for the dead sperm to clear and be replaced by healthy sperm. Doing semen analysis at home allows you to check frequently to monitor for variations in fertility over time.

Important to monitor for trends – After a vasectomy reversal you will want to monitor your progress. You will want to look for degrading sperm quality over time as this may indicate that scar tissue is forming. If you see a declining trend in sperm counts or motility you should think about banking one or more semen samples to preserve your options. Banking a few samples is a much better option than having a second vasectomy reversal.

Results You Can Have Confidence In

You can be certain your sample is analyzed correctly, and within an hour. Since YOU are doing the analysis you can be sure your specimen was handled well and analyzed correctly.

What about commercial semen analysis? Many couples wonder if the Lab is doing a good job. In many cases commercial Labs give excellent results. In some cases the Lab's results are not all you hope for. Since semen quality is a critical issue for you, or you would not be reading this, you may be worried that the Lab did not do a high quality analysis. Maybe the Lab did not analyze the sample quickly enough. Maybe the sample sat out and got cold. Maybe the Lab was busy with other, more pressing analyses. Maybe the technician was inexperienced with semen analysis. Do your own semen analysis and you will know! Seeing is believing.

Model 10

Calibrated microscopes – Kokopelli Technologies offers National Optical microscopes. These are high quality microscopes that will last a lifetime. They have excellent optics so it is easy to see and count sperm. Our microscopes are calibrated so you can easily and accurately determine sperm counts in the standard units of million sperm per milliliter. You will be able to confidently compare your results to professional semen analysis results performed at a clinic.


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